Frequently Asked Questions

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is an occupational therapy aid that provides sensory input and comfort as well as aiding in sleep in most individuals.Weighted blankets can provide comfort and the ability to sleep for many people with sensory disorders, autism, and developmental disabilities.  They provide much needed rest for the children and adults who have these problems, but can be fairly expensive to purchase.


Blanket Care Instructions

Ben’s Blankets are all machine washable. We suggest warm water on a delicate setting to keep the blanket lasting as long as possible. Front loading washing machines often don’t handle larger blankets, so top loading is best. Blanket can also be machine dried, but many larger blankets should be line dried after washing. While the heat from your dryer won’t hurt your Ben’s Blanket, a Ben’s Blanket just might hurt your dryer!

Why do you close and open your waiting list?

We close the Ben’s Blankets waiting list for a few reasons. First, we have limited volunteer power. If the waiting list is above six months, often the Ben’s Blanket recipient will have grown or changed in weight making the blanket created less effective. We have volunteers in four states and are doing everything we can to increase the number of selfless seamstresses in the Ben’s Blankets ranks. Secondly is for financial reasons. While none of our volunteers are ever paid for their service, we do have to fundraise for material and shipping costs. Knowing how many blankets need to be made during a certain time period helps us be more efficient and serve you better.