Do you need a blanket?


The Fall Application Window has closed.

Stay tuned for the next application window in Spring 2018.

Retail Blankets

Retail Blankets are for families that do not meet the financial hardship criteria for an “At Cost” or “Scholarship” blanket, because their annual household income is greater than $100,000. We ask that you cover the cost of two blankets, the one for your child and one for a scholarship blanket, for a total of $100. This is still below the typical retail cost of these custom blankets.

At Cost Blankets

At Cost Blankets are for families with an annual household income less than $100,000. We ask that you cover the cost of the materials for the blanket for a total of $50. This is the average cost of the materials for one blanket.

Scholarship Blankets

We know that caring for a disabled child has many costs, so if your annual household income is less than $50,000, please submit an application for one of our scholarship blankets. The costs of your blanket will be taken care of and you will receive it at no charge.

About Our Blankets

The mission of Ben’s Blankets is to create and give weighted blankets to disabled children who otherwise would not be able to have one. Ben’s Blankets is a nonprofit and we make free or at-cost blankets created by an unpaid volunteer workforce. The blankets are handmade by a small team of seamstresses across the country. We make sure to use with the highest quality materials available, such as polypropylene plastic beads to weight the blankets and high quality quilting cotton.

Each blanket is custom made for each person. Whether it’s their favorite cartoon character or sports team, or maybe even just their favorite pattern or colors, each blanket is specific to the person it belongs to, right down to their name embroidered on the back. The blankets are carefully crafted to the specific height and weight of the person who needs it.

Ben’s Blankets works with volunteers to provide weighted blankets to children who have disabilities and special needs. Due to the high demand, recipients will fall into one of three categories: retail, at-cost, and scholarship.



Dates to Remember

October 28

Applications Submitted

November 6th

Notifications Sent to Applicants

November 21st

All Supporting Documentation Due

Blankets will be mailed out within 3-6 months.